Saltsoak Float Studio

Relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation

Saltsoak is the solution to whatever ails you.

Give yourself the gift of an hour in a large tank filled with body-temperature water and enough epsom salts. Each tank is filled with approximately 30 centimetres of water and over 600 kilograms of epsom salts. And just like Grandma used to say, a nice long soak in epsom salts will do you the world of good!

Let the buoyancy take the weight off your limbs and soothe your soul, while the silence
allows your brain to heal from your hectic, always switched on, and over-connected life.

Allow yourself 60 minutes to discover the full body, mind, and soul benefits of doing absolutely nothing.

Let saltsoak reverse the harmful effects of stress. It’s a gift you will never regret!

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