Natures Army

100% Natural Cleaning Services

Here at Natures Army we are just normal hard working every day women, who love having the opportunity to raise awareness about important issues that can make a world of difference to you and your families health and overall well being. We are extremely passionate about creating a healthy life style that suits your family and are sure without a doubt that you are just the same.

Using strictly non-toxic and eco-friendly products, we assure you a safe and healthy habitat for you, your children and pets. Our knowledgable, experienced professionals deliver an unsurpassed caliber of service, personal attention to detail, friendly customer service and competitive rates to help you maintain a clean healthy home. We proudly adhere to our green business model, by using only recycled bottles and materials for our 100% natural, non-toxic, cleaning formulas. We back and support our Inner West community by sourcing ingredients from local artisans and manufacturers, fair trade organisations, and through donations to causes that support our environment and the conservation of our natural resources, which in turn ensures the safety of our clients and our environment, whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

We are not here to point the finger and tell you what we think you should be doing, as you are already well aware of that. However we are committed to helping you to find the time and make an easy transition to living a cleaner healthier, natural lifestyle that suits your needs perfectly. Even the busiest of us can do the most extraordinary things, with just a few little changes.

One person alone can not change the health of mankind but we truly believe by sharing each other’s individual experiences, journeys, highs, lows, laughter and tears, reaching out to be there for each other with encouragement, inspiration and motivation, coupled with team spirit,  then we truly will be on the right path to reaching our ultimate goals, one small step at a time.

United we have a formidable power, let’s start applying it now and turn the bleak future of our planet in to one that has a brighter outcome, for all our sakes.

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